To every Muslim in the US, we are so excited to welcome you to NAFIS; North American Foundation of Islamic Services! It is our honor to help you advance in your journey to God, Most High.



To every New Muslim in the US, CONGRATULATIONS on your conversion to Islam; it is truly a great blessing from God, Most High. We are so happy to welcome you to Islam.



To every Non-Muslim in the US, who is interested in Islam, we are so happy to welcome you to NAFIS; North American Foundation of Islamic Services! We invite you to navigate our various websites.



Abdellah Muhtafil, PA

NAFIS has had a big influence in my life starting at an early age. Something that always drew me back to NAFIS was the fact that I always felt like

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Fatoumata Diallo, NC

The people of NAFIS that I have met are friendly, loving, and caring for the sake of God and some have pushed me in a positive way to take on a

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Adil Mezgouti, NY

At NAFIS, I learned how to seek excellence in everything I do, whether as a husband,  or as an engineer, or as a citizen, all for the sake of God.


Day and Night Schedule of the Believer

The Day and Night Schedule of the Believer is a variety of daily practices based on the Qur’an and Sunna and centered around the remembrance of God. >>>

Weekly Study Circles

The purpose of the weekly study circles is to renew and increase one’s knowledge of Islam, with the intention and determination to put such knowledge into  >>>

Monthly Spiritual Counseling

The monthly spiritual counseling [nasiha] is an overnight gathering of complete devotion to and concentration on God through prayer, reading and study of Qur’an, learning, and >>>

Triannual Spiritual and Educational Retreats

The triannual spiritual and educational retreat [ribat] is an extended and extensive gathering of nasiha that lasts at least one full day.  It is a great opportunity for a renewed deep reflection… >>>

What is NAFIS

North American Foundation of Islamic Services (NAFIS)  is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to guide to God. It aims at enabling Muslims in the US to learn, practice and promote Islam in a manner that combines deep spirituality with civic engagement, while cooperating with people of other faiths to achieve common goals for the betterment of our society.



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