In keeping with the high standards of ethical conduct taught by the Islamic Faith, NAFIS guides and expects its members to do their best to adhere to the following code of ethics:





Section 1: Fundamental Principles

  • Serve God and His creation with dedication
  • Sincerely strive to convey by true words and good deeds the message of Islam
  • Earnestly endeavor to increase knowledge and competence
  • Be humble and professional in promoting Islam to the public

Section 2: Relations with the Public

  • Treat people with respect, kindness, and tolerance
  • Use knowledge and skills for the advancement of human welfare
  • Build bridges and collaborate with all people of good will

Section 3: Relations with the Members

  • Treat the other members of NAFIS with mutual love and respect
  • Collaborate with and extend support to them
  • Endeavor to aid their development and advancement

Section 4: Relations with the Family    

  • Treat parents with the utmost respect and always be at their service
  • Treat spouses and children with kindness and mercy
  • Cooperate within the family for spiritual purification and education
  • Ensure the ties of kinship remain joined and strong