By Dr. Imad Benjelloun

God is the creator of all creation, which is the proof of His existence. Such very complex yet very well-designed and organized universe can only be formed by a creator.

God is named God in English, Allah in Arabic, Dieu in French, Dios in Spanish, Dio in Italian, and a different name in every different language. So, “Allah” is not the God of Arabs; it is just the Arabic name of God, the Lord of everyone and everything.

God is the origin of your existence; you came from Him, you were created by Him and you shall return to Him.

God is one and only one; He is the only one worthy of being worshiped; He has no partner or spouse, no child or parent, no helper or assistant.

God is unique; nothing is like unto Him. He is the only One Who never dies or takes a nap. He is the only One Who knows everything, past, present and future.

God is closer to you that your jugular vein. He is always “right there” for you. So, you may “talk” to Him anytime, pray to Him for faith, guidance, and knowledge, ask Him for help, health, and happiness, seek from Him support, strength, and success; ask Him for patience, perseverance, and power, and anything else you need or want.

God’s mercy is infinite and covers everything and everyone.

God’s love is endless and He always wants all the good for you. So, seek His love and ask Him for forgiveness.

God is your one and only Lord, so, believe in His oneness & uniqueness, and follow His guidance for He is the Best to know what is best for you.

God is the only One Who has the absolute power to do all things; He is the All-Powerful. So, build a bond with Him for there is no bond that is more secure, successful, and sustainable than a bond with Him.